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Home of the "Blow-By-Blow" Synopsis and
Ken Hart's Melrose Place Recaps!

Latest News:

Melrose Space is proud to be the new home for Ken Hart's Melrose Place Recaps. For those of you unfamiliar with Ken, he started writing his own satirical recaps of Melrose Place during Season 3. A couple years later, he made headline news when Spelling Entertainment decided to target his site (and only his site) for containing episode guides of the show (details can be found on his site as well). The site survived, only to fall victim to the monstrosity that was Season 6. While on hiatus from his own recaps, zinc (a Melrose Space writer) got the brilliant idea to bring Ken aboard, which we did, and he's been part of the Melrose Space Family ever since.

Weasel boy is back with yet another parody of Melrose Place. Weasel Boy Resurrection: Possible Melrose Place Spin Off Ideas is now available at Features & Information/Weasel Boy Weekly.

It's been almost 2 years since the series finale of Melrose Place and we still haven't found another show to write a weekly "Blow-By-Blow" Synopsis for. The most promising show, Titans, was recently cancelled so now it's back to watching and waiting. If you'd like to be notified via e-mail when we find another show to lampoon, please join our Mailing List.

In May, 2000, we wrote a "Blow-By-Blow" Synopsis for the Series Finale of Beverly Hills, 90210. It, along with all our synopses, is available on our Blow-By-Blow Synopsis page. Stan retired his weekly "Melrose In The News" column in 1999 but continues to update his own Melrose site The Place with the latest Melrose Place-related news.

We've enjoyed entertaining all of you and thank you for your support over the past four years. Please take a moment to read Stacie's Melrose Space Final Credits where she pays tribute to all the hard-working volunteers who helped make Melrose Space possible.

Deirdre shares her thoughts and feelings about the show in her special editorial, "Goodnight, Sweet Melrose".


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